e-Learning Guide - Emotional Well-Being Through the Holidays

The weather's cooling down, and the holidays are on everyone's mind. This e-Learning Guide provides tips and resources for ensuring emotional well-being with pulmonary hypertension (PH) throughout the holidays.

Identifying and Seeking Treatment for Depression

PH can put you through challenges that may put you at an increased risk of depression. However, this is manageable. Understand depression and PH, and learn how to move forward in this article.

Need Help Coping?

While everyone has "blue" days, it's important to realize that many PH patients today are living long and active lives - and that you can, too! By reading our coping guides, you will learn how to live and deal with those down times. Learn more about our Coping Guides today. If you're newly diagnosed, you can learn what to expect and how to move forward.


Read a Patient Story

You're not alone. Read another patient's story of thankfulness and hope in this article.

Holiday Health and Happiness: Ways to Keep the Holidays Special

For more tips, read this guide!

December 1, 2014

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